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Macks Motion Delight


Wyatt is a very well bred registered Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. He is 6 years old and stands 15 hands with a good strong build and thick bone. Wyatt has an easy going flat walk and will move into a faster walk when asked. Wyatt is a real trail dude and is never in a big hurry. He rides alone with dogs, or with other horses.

Due to a spelling mistake when Wyatt was registered, if you would like to look his pedigree up on Ipeds, use "Hacks Motion Delight".

Wyatt has been exposed to dogs, tarps, flailing arm tube man, sleds, and all sorts of obstacles. 

Wyatt has 90 days of training under his girth. Wyatt is not spooky, easy to catch, good with his feet. He would do great with an intermediate and up rider.

Please call or email us if you would like to come meet Wyatt!