Grade Tennessee Walking Horse

15 hands

10 years old


Jake is a well broke, grade Tennessee Walking horse gelding. We know Jake quite well here at the ranch. Jake spent 60 days with us during March and April of 2019. He was quite green when he arrived but showed dramatic improvement during his time here. Since Jake left, he has only gotten better. His owner has put a lot of time in the saddle with his horse and it shows. Jake is only for sale because his owner has made the decision to change disciplines. 

Jake has spent his whole career as a recreational trail horse. He has even been on a few cattle drives, despite the fact that he is not a huge fan of cows. Jake has a beautiful, head shaking walk. He has a small 'hitch' in his hind end, visible by his back left leg short striding when bumped up into a running walk. This could cause him to become sore under a heavy workload. Jake seems to hold up well to riding around pastures or down the trail a couple times a week. 


Jake crosses water and obstacles without hesitation. He is used to riding with dogs and has been ridden alone and with a group. He can be a little flinchy at times, but recovers quickly and moves on to the next task. Jake is not suitable for a very green rider, but a confident beginner to intermediate rider looking for a casual riding horse would enjoy him. He has done obstacles and arena work here with us and he also seems to enjoy it. Jake can be ridden sporadically with periods of time off without affecting his behaviour or performance. Jake can be a little hard to catch on occasion, but he is not able to resist a food bribe.