Our Horses



Clydesdale X Quarter Horse Cross


Mountain Horse Deluxe

Colt Tamer

Bear Chaser


Bloom (11).jpg

Bless My Bloomers


Ultra's Major Threat X Pretty In Platinum

TWHBEA # 20802692

English & Western Country Pleasure     

3-Gait Champion of Champions 2012

English & Western Country Pleasure     

3-Gait Reserve Champion 2014


IMG_3077 (2).JPG

Ultra's Major's My Papa

Ultra's Major Threat X Papa's Delightful Missy

TWHBEA # 21500513


Born Broke 

received_513329379416952 (1).jpeg

Della The Druid

Canadian On Parole X Bless My Bloomers

TWHBEA # 21900549


Everyone's Favourite 

received_441990796364914 (1)_edited.jpg

Praise Gold

Champion's Gold X Label of Praise

TWHBEA # 21602416


Babysitter Deluxe 


Copy That Jazz

I'm A Blues Master X Copyright's Delight

TWHBEA # 21800496


Busy growing up 

Monarch Money.jpg

Monarch Money

Generatin A Golden Deal X Willow's Flaxen Queen

TWHBEA # 21502513


Mountain Mare