Tennessee Walkers of Double J

A wise horseman once told us "sometimes its not the training, it's the picking." This is something we try to remember when purchasing gaited prospects or breeding them. Our barn of Tennessee Walkers are an example of what we consider "bombproof trail horses". Before their training even begins, we have selected and identified characteristics in our prospects which we find essential for what we do. 

Gait. We cover lots of ground, fast. We ride for long periods of time. A smooth, natural gait is a must. We love to see a horse that trots, paces and canters at liberty. When breeding, we are looking to produce a baby that hits the ground walking. 

Temperament. A real bombproof trail horse must have certain aptitudes to really excel. The horse should seek human contact. When things get hard, we want the horse to lean on us for comfort and leadership. Natural curiosity is a must. Not only is this a sign of intelligence, it makes dealing with the unexpected much easier. These are just a few of the things we look for in our horses. There are always exceptions to the rule, but they are not the norm.

When breeding, we try our best to pair our mares to stallions who embody these same traits. 

Bless My Bloomers

Bless My Bloomers (Ultra's Major Threat x Pretty In Platinum) is our premiere broodmare. Bloom has been shown successfully in both english and western 3-gait classes, bringing home many firsts for us. She has also competed in endurance and been to the mountains. She has a beautiful rocking chair canter and a ground covering walk. 

Ultra's Major Threat was a well known Canadian stallion who goes back to Midnight Sun and Triple Threat. Major's babies have proven themselves in the show ring, just like their sire. He was 1997 and 2002 Washington's Light Shod Horse of The Year. In 2002, 2003 and 2005 he won high point for 3 gait in western and english.

Ultra's Major My Papa (Ultra's Major Threat x Papa's Delightful Missy) is another great example of a Major baby. We joke that he was born broke. He is so gentle and willing. Tiberius is another example of the big swingy gait that Major so often put on his progeny. He has big feet and good strong bone, which makes him an excellent mountain horse.

Ultra's Major My Papa

Bloom has two foals on the ground. Saga (Name This Tune x Bless My Bloomers) was born in 2012. He showed successfully as a two and three year old and has the same temperament as Tiberius. Curious and friendly, everyone who meets him falls in love. Saga did many poker rallies and mountain trips with us before he went to his forever home. He is a true "dude" horse.

Saga's sire competes in competitive trail and consistently places in the top two (out of 20 or more riders), and is also  a seasoned mountain horse. Name This Tune has shown very successfully in rail classes; in 2012 he was English 2 Gait Champion at the Wild Rose Show.

Della The Druid (Canadian On Parole x Bless My Bloomers) was born in 2019. Her sire has proven to be a top contender in the show ring with a commanding presence and beautiful movement. Della is a precocious and fancy filly. She shows a nice loose back end and four beat gait. We are really excited about Della.

Della The Druid

Our newest broodmare is Monarch Money (Generatin A Golden Deal x Willow's Flaxen Queen). Pi has been to the mountains and competed in competitive trail, placing third in her very first race. Pi was only one point behind Name This Tune (Saga's sire), who was also only one point behind first place (out of 20 riders). Unfortunately, Pi suffered an injury to her collateral ligaments in one hock while out at pasture. 

Pi's dam is a certified Heritage Walking Horse (International Heritage Walking Horse Association). IHWHA horses do not have modern show horses in the pedigree that were shown padded/stacked after 1976 and no Pride of Midnight.

On the top of Pi's pedigree she has the newer bloodlines, like Gen's Armed And Dangerous, Prides Gold Coin and Pride's Final Edition.

Pi may be small, but she will out walk almost anybody! She carries herself very well and has incredible endurance. Although we will sure miss her on our adventures, we are very excited to see what she puts on the ground for us. 


Monarch Money
Copy That Jazz

Copy That Jazz (I'm A Blues Master x Copyright's Delight) is another of our up-and-comers. Born in 2018, Sawyer is a joy to have around the barn. Not only does he seek human contact, he seems to prefer it! Sawyer is gentle, friendly and very curious. Don't leave anything on the ground or it is bound to end up in his mouth being thrown around. 

Sawyer also has gait! He canters beautifully and has a nice swingy back end. With names like Master of Jazz and GLL's Carbon Copy on his papers, it should be no surprise. 

We had the pleasure to train Sawyer's sire to saddle and show him in english and western 2 gait classes. I'm A Blues Master is a fantastic example of the usability and versatility of a walking horse. His job these days is a bombproof trail horse. 


Missouri Fox Trotters

Our resident fox trotters couldn't be more different from one another in size and colour. They are however, very similar in temperament. Both are friendly and curious with soft eyes. They both show a natural inclination to gait and lope. 

Baby Duck Champagne's (Wueste Hitze x Sparkees Chocolat N Champagne) bloodlines go far back to Tennessee Walkers like Rodger's Perfection, Giles Hot Toddy and Midnight Mack K. This mare can move! She gaits effortlessly and never breaks into a hard trot or pace. 

RTE A Dust Of Black Gold (Ebony's Dusty Lad x Lovely Lady) is a gold papered MFT, which means he has been DNA verified top and bottom. He has very rare lines that go back to Curly Jim, a gaited Bashkir Curly, as well as Zane Grey, a famous MFT stallion.  Magnus is gaited AND curly, standing 16 hands tall. Magnus demonstrates a true fox trot as well as a gorgeous rocking chair canter.