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Double J Training & Sales

Versatile in all breeds

with expertise in gaited horses

Viking Alberta

We know your horse is not “just a trail horse”.


Trail horses have some of the most intensive jobs out there. They are asked to handle changing terrain, scenery, animals, weather, obstacles, you name it!

They must be versatile enough to go to Gymkhana on Wednesday night, team penning on Thursday, and on a Competitive Trail ride on Saturday.

Confidence & Trust

We can not only help solve the problem, better yet, we can work with you to make sure when your horse goes home, that the bad habits stay gone.


In addition we can give your colt or filly a great start down the trail or whatever your chosen discipline will be. No matter the direction or breed, all youngsters deserve a solid start and foundation.

Dealing with a bad habit, vice or behavioural issue?

To us, gaited horses and trail go hand in hand. 


If you are looking for your dream horse, you’ve come to the right place. Even if we don't have posted what you're looking for, get in touch. We probably have it in our barn!


Don’t forget, we have yearly Confidence on the Trail Clinics and support all of our clients after training or purchases.

Shopping for the perfect mount?